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About Lis Conservation Lis Art Conservation is Michigan’s leading art conservation and restoration service provider. Owned by lead conservator Jennifer Lis, our team has the experience and expertise to restore your artwork to its original form.

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Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning Paintings and other forms of art are not often protected by glass, which can lead to the buildup of dust, soot and other material on an artwork’s surface. To maintain the integrity of your artwork, we only use reversible treatments in our cleaning process.

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Tear Repair

Tear repair Tears in canvas paintings most often occur from improper handling or because the canvas becomes dry, brittle or hard over time. When this happens, the canvas fibers will weaken and often tear. With care and precision, our team can restore your painting to the artist’s original vision.

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Water Damage

Water damage restoration Water is one of the most damaging forces to artwork, but we have the skills to restore your water damaged painting to its pre-damaged state. We strictly adhere to the ethical conservation guidelines established by the American Institute of Conservation and carefully select the treatments that will best return your painting to its original condition.

Water damage restoration

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