We offer a thorough process to restore your most treasured works of art. For inquiries about restoration services, call: 248-957-8611


What our customers are saying:

“Jennifer Lis did a remarkable job restoring our oil painting.  It had puncture marks, paint loss, a large area of mold, and was heavily soiled.  We thought the painting might have to be cut down to a smaller size to eliminate the most heavily damaged areas, but she was able to restore the painting in its entirety.  In fact, her restoration was so skillful that we cannot identify where the punctures or paint losses were!   We would use her services again and highly recommend her to others.” – David and Juliane Bakos


We wanted to tell you once again how thrilled we are to have the paintings back and what a terrific job you did on them.

Sort of feels like a family reunion to have then old relatives back in the living room!” Susan Weir


“Jennifer, I have now had time to fully enjoy my “new” icon. I’ve shown it to my wife and pick it up and inspect it often. It makes me smile. I just wanted to tell you the more I look at it the more I appreciate what a work of art it is and the masterful job you did restoring it to its original Czarist beauty. You’re the best. Thanks again.” – Peter Smit



Cobo Hall

The Henry Ford Museum

Crocker Park Museum

Mackinac Island State Parks