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Painting Restoration and Conservation Services

The act of restoring a valued piece of art is a delicate job requiring precision, attention to detail and the appropriate knowhow. Lis Art Conservation, headed by lead conservator Jennifer Lis, has all of these qualifications and the professional experience to accompany them. Our primary goal, whether your piece is a family heirloom or of museum-quality, is to enhance its aesthetic qualities and unveil the original vision of the artist. Our Michigan-based art restoration services include:

Varnish Removal ServicesVarnish Removal

The varnish used to protect oil paintings will often yellow, cloud or become otherwise discolored years after the painting is created. The removal of discolored varnish will not only restore the vibrant colors to your painting, but honor the artist’s original vision.
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Surface Cleaning ServicesSurface Cleaning

Because paintings are often not protected by glass, they are subject to the elements in the environment where they are displayed. This leads to a buildup of grime, dust, soot, pollutants, etc. on the surface of the varnish or directly onto the paint layer of unvarnished works. An appropriate surface cleaning will eliminate the darkened and flattened appearance, rejuvenating your artwork.
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Tear Repair ServicesTear Repair

Canvas paintings often become stiff or brittle over time, which can result in tears in the painting. Our tear repair services will restore the structure of your painting while maintaining its integrity.
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Paint Loss Repair ServicesPaint Loss Repair

Paint loss mainly occurs because of structural damage, improper environmental conditions or inherent vice. We inpaint the areas of loss to blend in seamlessly with the artist’s original colors.
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Paint Consolidation ServicesPaint Consolidation

An artist constructs a painting in layers and multiple circumstances can cause cracking or flaking to occur instantly or over time. If this isn’t addressed in a timely manner, substantial damage may occur. We will consolidate your flaking paint with the utmost attention to detail.
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Water Damage ServicesWater Damage

When artwork comes in contact with water, it can lead to devastating results. But the damage to artwork is reversible when the right techniques are applied.
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Fire Damage ServicesFire Damage

The damage that fire, smoke and soot can do to a piece of art may seem irreparable, but that isn’t always the case. We possess the skills and the experience to restore your fire-damaged painting to its pre-damaged state.
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Lining ServicesLining

The physical structure of a canvas painting can wane years after the piece was finished by the artist. However, repairing a painting’s structural support is one of our specialties. The Lis Art Conservation team can repair the physical integrity of your painting, returning it to how the artist originally intended.
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Other Restoration ServicesOther Services

We also offer premier canvas distortion repair and frame restoration, as well as collection assessments. Our range of work includes paper-based pieces, ephemera and a variety of objects. We offer a free assessment of your artwork collections.
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